How to Have a City Vacation In Style

City breaks are a great way to get your fill of the local culture, food and fine architecture, but because the average city like New York or Los Angeles is so dense, it can make it much  harder to relax and have a fun, luxurious time. It doesn’t have to be that way!

Below, you will find some simple tricks you can employ to ensure you really do your next city vacation in style.

How to Have a City Vacation In Style

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How to Have a City Vacation In Style: Go Full VIP with a Chauffeur Service

First things first: ditch the maps and hop out of the cab line because, darling, you’re going chauffeured! Nothing screams “I’ve arrived” quite like slipping into a sleek vehicle with your own personal chauffeur service in New York, right? Plus, you can avoid the sweaty ordeal of public transport and the baffling streets that seem to twist like a pretzel.

Whether it’s a snazzy sedan or a classy limo, rolling through the city with a chauffeur service lets you soak in the sights without the hassle of navigating traffic. Feel free to pretend you’re in a movie montage; we won’t judge.

How to Have a City Vacation In Style: Stay in Boutique Bliss

boutique desert hotel
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Swap out the typical hotel chains for a charming boutique hotel that captures the essence of the city you are traveling to. These gems are often nestled in the heart of the action and boast unique décor that’ll have you snapping pics faster than a foodie at brunch.

Plus, the personalized service is so good you’ll feel like the only guest. Talk about home away from home—only better, because you don’t have to make your own bed.

How to Have a City Vacation In Style: Dine Like a Local Food Critic

fine dining
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Forget the tourist traps with their rehearsed “authentic” experiences and find where the locals chow down. From hidden speakeasies to that tiny ramen shop tucked down an alley, eating local not only tantalizes your taste buds but also gives you a real flavor of the city.

And if you’re feeling brave, let the waiter order for you. It’s culinary roulette, and you might just discover your new favorite dish.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

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No city break is complete without a shopping spree, and I’m not talking about hitting up those global chain stores. Dive into local markets, quirky boutiques, and vintage shops where each item has a story, and haggling is part of the fun. You’ll return with treasures that can’t be found anywhere else—and a suitcase that barely closes.

Catch Some Culture

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Inject some high-brow into your trip by checking out the local arts scene. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping Broadway show, a toe-tapping jazz club, or an avant-garde art gallery, immersing yourself in culture is like the cherry on top of your stylish city sundae.

Plus, it gives you terrific material for dinner party conversations. “Oh, that small gallery in SoHo? Simply divine!”

How to Have a City Vacation In Style: Nightcap Like a Pro

rooftop bar - How to Have a City Vacation In Style
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End your nights with a flourish at a rooftop bar overlooking the city lights. Sipping a well-crafted cocktail while dressed to the nines and gazing out over the skyline? Yes, please.

It’s the perfect way to debrief your stylish day and plan tomorrow’s adventures—or simply revel in the fact that you’re living the high life, if only for the weekend.

Here’s to the most stylish and relaxing of city breaks!


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