Dishes You Need to Try When You Visit Poland

Did you know that a traditional daily menu in Poland comprises five meals? And most of these meals have meat, potatoes, and vegetables. So if you love food and prefer meat dishes, mealtime will be your highlight when visiting Poland. Poland was one of my favorite countries I visited based off of the food options there and there are so many amazing Polish dishes you need to try.

Some estimates suggest over 1000 traditional Polish dishes, with each region offering unique specialties. Polish cuisine has something for every taste and preference, from hearty soups to stews. Whether you’re a foodie or simply looking to explore a new culture through its cuisine, here are the top dishes you need to try when you visit Poland.

Dishes You Need to Try When You Visit Poland

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If you love dumplings, Pierogi should be on your must eat list of dishes to try when you’re visiting Poland. These Polish crescent-shaped dumplings come boiled, baked, or fried, depending on your preference. Even better, you can walk into almost any Polish restaurant or eatery, and the chances are they’ll have it on their menu.

The typical fillings for these dumplings may include meat (usually pork or beef), cheese, mushroom, or potatoes.


Are you looking for the right meal to kick-start your morning activities in Poland? Then you need to try Zurek when you’re in Poland. This dish can also be your perfect comfort food after an eventful day. At first glance, it may only look like your ordinary rye soup, but Zurek is easily a national treasure in Poland.

While this dish comes in many variations, depending on who makes it, it always includes meat, lots of vegetables, potatoes, and sour rye flour.


If you love the popular beef tripe soup, then you’ll love this Polish version called Flaki. Of course, this dish may not be exclusive to Poland, but it’s very popular and worth digging into, especially on a cozy night.

This soup is so popular in Poland that some stories claim it was the favorite dish of Poland’s King Jogaila. Its main ingredient is the stomach lining of a cow, and you won’t be able to tell how good it tastes until you try it.

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From one cabbage dish to another, Bigos is another popular dish you should try when you visit Poland. This cabbage-based stew has graced the tables of many Polish families, especially during the festive holidays. But you can also enjoy them, regardless of the time of the year.

A traditional Bigos dish typically contains marjoram, nutmeg, cloves, herbs, and spices. The main ingredients include dried forest mushrooms, onions, Polish sausages, different types of meat chopped into chunks, and fresh and fermented cabbage.

The more types of meat and sausages you add to your recipe, the better. So, if you’re a meat lover, this is 100% worth trying.


Golabki translates as ‘the pigeons’ and is similar to or the same as what you will call cabbage rolls. Some also pronounce it as Golumpki or Gluntkes. A typical recipe for cabbage rolls or Golabki includes cooked rice and meat or ground beef wrapped in cabbage leaves.

This popular Polish dish will make each night you spend in Poland special. Plus, it’s super easy to make on your own.

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Another food option you simply cannot miss is paczki, which is a traditional Polish donut and SO good! They are typically filled with jelly or chocolate and topped with powdered sugar. I wish I could find them back home but I guess I’ll just have to visit Poland again to have some.

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In conclusion, if you’re a huge foodie, Poland is a must visit country! It’s a super unrated tourist destination still so a lot of dishes and restaurants are super affordable and will leave you wanting more!

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