How To Explore A New City On A Budget

How To Explore A New City On A Budget

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It’s possible to plan to explore a new city this holiday season but be a little worried about your budget.

That’s completely understandable, as moving around in a new location can be quite expensive, depending on your planned destination! Hotel bills, transportation expenses, visiting tourist attractions, and eating out in restaurants all cost money. And it can be pretty stressful to feel limited by your budget, especially when there’s so much to see and feel in your travel destination.

Thankfully, there are great ways to experience a new city and enjoy its attractions without breaking the bank. Here are three of those ways to explore a new city on a budget!


Explore A New City On A Budget and Use Local Public Transport

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Yes, it’s inconvenient sometimes and yes, it can be time-consuming, slow, and stressful. But public transport is one of the best ways to move around in a new location without worrying too much about cost. Plus, you’re in a new city, so it shouldn’t matter if you cruise around in an exotic car or hop on a local bus. And if you’re worried about delays, your best option is to set off at least an hour early.

You can get detailed information about the public transportation options in your planned destination even before you set off. A simple online search should reveal the most affordable options available, including the routes, departure times, and even costs. But if local public transportation isn’t your thing, the next option might help.


Explore A New City On a Budget and Consider a Tourist Shuttle Service

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This option is a form of public transportation, as you’ll still share the vehicle with others. The only difference is, instead of sitting with locals, you’ll probably be among other tourists! Most tourist shuttle services use buses and minivans, but other options are also available.

One good thing about this option is that the routes are well planned out to give the tourists the best views of the area. The downside is that you might miss out on experiencing a genuine connection with the locals.

Another great thing is that some allow you to book in advance while helping you save money with attractive discounts. For example, you can travel with a shuttle service like My Pink Bus and save money. It also goes without saying that most of these services are more comfortable and offer various perks to improve your touring experience!


Explore A New City On a Budget and Visit Free Attractions

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The best locations in a new destination are not always the places you pay to see. You can easily enjoy great sights for free, including parks, beaches, museums, and historical parks. You can even create more lasting memories visiting free attractions than you might with the paid ones.

A simple but thorough search will reveal free places worth visiting in your preferred destination (or any other destination), allowing you to plan before setting off.

But that’s not all; many cities also offer free biking and walking tours, and museums, providing an excellent way to see and explore your new surroundings.

A word of caution is necessary at this point though –  Most major tourist destinations are notorious for scam artists with clever means of extracting money from unsuspecting tourists. So, be super vigilant and don’t allow anyone to convince you to pay for a service, trick, or souvenir you’re not interested in!

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How to visit a new city when you are on a budget

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