4 Creative Ways to Travel More When You’re on a Tight Budget

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Whether you have a family or you’re single and working long days, you deserve a break once in a while to have some time off a plan a fun vacation. Therefore, you may want to think about getting away from it all and traveling with your loved ones, friends or just solo!

You may know that you want to get out and do something fun but are unsure of what type of traveling to do, especially if you’re on a budget. Review some of these fun ideas for trips you can consider taking with your family – or solo, so you can begin to narrow down your options and start to plan an enjoyable vacation.

Take a Road Trip

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One option for a vacation is to take a road trip.
Choose a final destination and then hop in the car and travel in your vehicle. Road trips can be a fun and positive experience if you plan your route right, make enough stops, and are prepared for the trip by packing smart. It’s an opportunity to grow a closer with your friends and family since you’ll be spending a lot of time together in the car. 


Go Camping

Another type of affordable trip to consider would be to go camping. It’ll be enjoyable to spend time outdoors and explore nature. Many national parks have free visitor centers you can take your kids and family/friends into and learn more about the wildlife in the parks. Make sure you have all the right gear with you so you can have a successful camping trip.
For example, you’ll need a comfortable sleeping situation with tents and sleeping bags, plenty of food, water and snacks, and lanterns or flashlights with 18650 batteries and charger.
If you’re bringing your family, kids will likely love camping and it’ll feel relaxing to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy a peaceful setting in nature. Don’t forget to pack that bug spray and sunscreen!

Go to the Beach

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If you and your kids like being outside and on the water, then consider heading to the beach for a family vacation or with your friends. There are many beautiful beaches to choose from all around the United States and the world so be sure to do your homework in advance. You don’t have to live by the ocean either to enjoy “a beach” most places will have some sort of body of water like a lake where you can go recharge.
A beach vacation will be fun, relaxing, and a great opportunity to rest and recharge while also engaging in a few local adventures. Make sure that you plan accordingly and have plenty of sunscreen along with you so that you can avoid getting sunburned. Even if traveling solo or with a small friend group, beaches can be so much fun. There’s affordable campsites near a lot of major touristy beaches and you can also usually find some cheap hotel deals in off season. Before settling into a hotel or campsite, bring a picnic basket and snacks and enjoy the sand and beautiful sunsets on the beach.

Plan a Staycation

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You may not have it on your radar but planning a staycation is yet another great idea for an affordable vacation.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean going far! It gives you the opportunity to have a break away from your normal routine and responsibilities without having to drive long distances and paying for gas or getting on an airplane. Instead, you can figure out a plan for going sightseeing, eating out, and exploring right in your own neighborhood and city.

If you lead a busy lifestyle then there are likely many places and spots you haven’t had time to check out previously. Make it even more fun by staying in a hotel instead of at home.
There’s also no need to spend money on a hotel if you’re on a budget – you can always do fun day trips! Just hop in the car (or on a train) and go out sightseeing. You can spend as little or as much as you want with day trips and still have fun! Many cities have affordable or free things to do such as hiking, museums and fun hole in the wall food spots. The opportunities are endless!


For example, I live in Los Angeles, which is a major city with plenty to explore on it’s own – but I also have taken plenty of day trips over the years with friends and family. there’s so many fun things to do within a 2-3 hours drive of where I live such as national parks, museums, other smaller cities etc.
I also drive to Mexico 2-3 times a year – because it’s only a 2.5 hour drive each way, so why not! When we do drive to Mexico and other cities we usually do a day trip and come back the same day which isn’t for everyone but if you really love to travel and are trying to cut costs, it’s a great option.


These are some fun and practical ideas to consider as you plan your next vacation. Vacations are important for reducing stress, enjoying life, and having a good time with the people you love the most.
It’s an investment of your time and money you’ll never regret.


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