10 Tips: How to Find Cheap Hotels and Accommodation When You’re on a Budget

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Guest Post by Ivan of My Travel Tips

You can get the best bargain on your upcoming hotel stay and save money on every trip by using these essential hotel booking recommendations! The cost of vacations may discourage some people from taking them. You might be able to find the best value with the help of a few tried-and-true hotel booking techniques. By following these recommendations, you’ll spend less on hotels and have more money for your current trip or the one after that.
These hotel hacks will save you time and allow you to compare all of your options and prices on a single screen as opposed to spending hours searching the internet for discounts. 




Comparison websites may be beneficial in other situations, such as renting a car, or booking an airline deal since there are no booking fees, cancellation penalties, or upfront charges. Will online sites help you find the best deals on hotels though? Read the following information before making your upcoming travel arrangements.
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Use Online Hotel Booking Sites to Compare Pricing

There are more options than ever to check prices right away thanks to the internet. You can check hotel rates directly on their websites, but there are also more alternatives, such as FlyusTravels, that will do the research for you. 


You’ll be able to search for hotels that offer equal experiences that provide at varied price levels and help you to choose the option that will be the least expensive. You can also look for particular facilities like a hotel that allows pets or one with an indoor pool.

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Call and Email the Hotel Directly to Make Arrangements

While pricing comparison websites may offer substantial discounts, contacting the hotel directly is the only way to assure you’re receiving the best possible deal. 

Although calling them is quicker, email is often most effective. If they really want to counter-offer, you could mention the rates you saw for its rooms on online websites and ask about special packages, discounts, or savings that could be available.
Browse accommodations which are listed on popular search results 
Sometimes smaller family owned hotels and B&Bs will not have good search results or an official website, it doesn’t mean necessarily that they aren’t worth a look. 

These hotels are typically affordable since they don’t always have an online presence. Talk to close friends,  relatives, and locals; everyone who could be able to provide you any useful hotel recommendations within your location.

Check online – Coupons may be available!

Reducing costs can be generated simply by using coupon sites. Choose the one that matches your budget and profit from it! Check for discounts on Groupon and Developing closely; however make sure to read print. Important to be aware of what it is you are getting and any restrictions, including a coupon’s period of validity or change fees.

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Don’t Forget to Browse Websites Like Airbnb

There are numerous advertisements for locally hosted homes and apartments on sites like Airbnb, VRBO and Booking.com. If you’re searching for anything other than a standard hotel, it’s a great alternative because the options are so diverse. 

Even though these alternatives are typically less expensive, keep in mind that these do not always offer the same facilities as a hotel stay and each listing’s rules are completely up to the owner of the property.

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Travel During Off Season for Best Deals

Resorts increase their prices during the busy summer seasons which make perfect economic sense! You’ll save money by traveling off-season. Those benefits go beyond accommodation; low season airfares are also cheaper. Because most people are busy at work and school and do not take numerous vacation days, fall and spring are great times to book your vacations when you’re on a budget.

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You Should be Looking for Vacation Packages

Vacation packages are probably very particular and may or may not meet your specific needs, but if you find one that fits you, combining everything will likely save you a ton of money! Look up tours in your area on booking sites like TravelZoo or Groupon. Popular spots occasionally give hotel, restaurant, and activity packages.

Tips for Negotiating the Best Hotel Rate

You should also conduct preliminary research and examine all of your options with the aid of online sites like Flyus, Travelocity, and Hotels. 
Check the hotel’s website to see whether the pricing is the same once you’ve decreased your selections to one hotel (or a few hotels). They sometimes offer discounts or various room types that are not accessible on online sites. 

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Check the hotel’s website to determine if there are any discounts or special offers

1. Pay attention to registration and card fees. Some hotels also charge for this, so it is not only for third party websites. Airbnb will also charge you cleaning fees. 

2. Check terms associated with the cancellation and alteration policies when making reservations. Determine if there will be a fee for updating or canceling reservations. Getting your money returned from booking directly with the hotel is much simpler in case you need to cancel a reservation.

3. Maintain awareness of your accommodation expenses. In some hotels, Wi-Fi and phone services will be offered in their amenities. Ironically, the luxurious five-star hotels are usually the ones who charge for these services! 

4. To find out if the hotel can offer a better bargain, or upgraded accommodation, or any extras, give them a call. If the date is drawing near and they still have plenty of rooms available, this tactic might work.

5. Some people enjoy third party sites like Priceline, Expedia or Booking.com If you want to try them, Gadling offers a wonderful video on how to get the best deal on Priceline.

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Use credit cards for travel hacking

Start from the beginning and apply for a credit card that offers cash back on every one of your spending purchases. Using a travel rewards credit card is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to save money on hotel reservations if you frequently travel, whether domestically or overseas. By signing up for a company specific credit card or rewards program such as Hilton or Marriott, you can save even more as a loyal member to certain hotel chains. 

Once approved for a travel specific credit card, you can use your card to pay for anything including gas, groceries, and online purchases at higher point values. Try to find a credit card with a sign up bonus and you can get even more points and free nights of hotels!
You can spend the money/points from your travel rewards card to make purchases like reservations for flights, trains, and hotels after building up your points/cash back balance. The primary selling feature of the cards are that there are no international transaction fees associated with transactions; the cash back is only an added benefit. For frequent travelers, travel rewards credit cards are a no-brainer. 

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Directly Consult Hotels for Prices and Deals

You need to shop around to find the best deals if you want to book the least expensive hotels. Call any hotel you like once you have a general price from a booking search engine. Always call the hotel directly at their listed number. Search engines for hotel reservations are excellent tools, but they are bound by their agreements with the hotels.
You might be able to acquire free parking, breakfast, a room upgrade, or even a lower fee if you call the hotel directly, at the hotel manager’s discretion. None of these things should be anticipated, but it never hurts to enquire, and it sometimes pays off. Hotels have promised to match or beat published rates if we make direct reservations.

Bonus Tip! Save even more money by staying at hostels, renting out a friend or family member’s time share, or utilizing Couchsurfing and other homestay options.

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If you’re open to shared accommodations, you can save even more money by staying in hostels or utilizing couchsurfing and home stay websites such Trusted Pet Sitters, HelpX, Woofing and Workaway. 

If you know a friend or family member who has a timeshare you can also get huge discounts by staying in their hotel room block. 

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