5 Things You Should Never Travel Without

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or embarking on your first-ever trip in a few weeks, you may be wondering what you need to pack. Both expert and novice travelers are prone to overpacking, so it’s worth understanding the essentials you need to include and build from there.

It might seem like you have lots to take with you, but you don’t need as much as you think as long as you remember these five things you should never travel without.

5 Things You Should Never Travel Without

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Essential Travel Documents

It should go without saying that you need to bring essential travel documents with you. Without them, you won’t be able to leave the country, let alone get into another, so make sure your passport is in a safe and secure place and keep it close while in transit.

You can also bring a photocopy showing your photo page and visa page when out and about. Some countries require a visa before you arrive, although some are provided at the border. Equally important is your travel insurance which offers coverage in case of injury or theft.

Research companies like Generali to get the best idea of good deals and policies. Be sure to also research if you need a visa for the country you’re going to or if you need any medical paperwork.

For example, you cannot travel to certain countries like Panama or Ethiopia (and others) without proof of your yellow fever vaccine. I have known people who were forced to get back on a plane home since they didn’t research that they needed some of these documents to travel. Don’t be those people!

Things You Should Never Travel Without: 

Laptop, Phone, Camera, Chargers

Things You Should Never Travel Without - laptop, phone and chargers
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Even though travel gives you the chance to escape from your devices and take in the wonders of the natural world, you should still pack your phone, laptop, or tablet. Doing so will make it easier to get around and stay in touch with people.

It can also make booking flights or buses much easier. Your camera helps you get top-quality snaps of the world’s most stunning destinations. Finally, international chargers (plugged and portable) will keep you connected wherever you go and help you find your way in unfamiliar cities.

Credit Cards and Cash

Bringing both credit cards and cash on your travels can help you in many scenarios. Cash makes it easier to budget, while credit cards can help when something goes wrong on vacation or you need to cover more expensive purchases, like flights or medical treatment. However, you definitely don’t want to take everything out with you at all times, so keep emergency cash somewhere safe in your suitcase just in case.

You can go to your bank ahead of time to order cash in another currency – it’s usually cheaper than exchanging at the places in the airport who take a higher fee out.

Clothing For All Weather

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You may have plans to only go to the most stunning beaches, but anyone who’s traveled before knows that itineraries can change for various reasons. You might decide to trek into the jungle one day, which is why these mixed-weather clothing ideas are essential.

You don’t need to pack for the whole rainy season, but items that protect you from the elements like an umbrella or waterproof jacket to keep you safe are vital.

Things You Should Never Travel Without:

First Aid Kit

Although you hope you or your travel buddies don’t hurt themselves, accidents can always happen. It always helps to bring a travel first-aid kit to clean up cuts and scrapes and prevent infection.

Of course, if it’s something serious, go to the hospital or pharmacy and get professional treatment. I always bring a small kit with Advil, anti nausea medicine, Tums, bandaids, tweezers and vitamin C tablets. It’s easier than having to waste hours trying to find a local drugstore just to get some of those things.

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Summary: 5 Things You Should Never Travel Without

While you can pick up most things on your travels, it’s always important to pack the essentials because you never know what could happen before you get the chance to visit a supermarket. These items will help enjoy your travel experience as much as possible and make you eager to plan your next adventure.


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