My Favorite Travel Items as a Solo Female Traveler

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I’ve traveled domestically and internationally extensively. Read on to see some of my must have items while traveling!

Rolling my luggage around Budapest

1. Carry on luggage 

I’m someone who always prefers using carry on luggage instead of checking my bags. Here’s one of my favorite pieces of luggage. I also prefer using hard shell luggage to protect my stuff more and it also helps preventing picking up bed bugs from hotels if there ever were a risk.


suitcase, rose gold


 2. Travel packing cubes

These cubes help me organize when packing and makes it easier to find certain items when I’m at my destination instead of having to dig through my suitcase!

packing cubes pink

3. Travel sized toiletry containers

I used to pay a lot for travel sized toiletries before trips and always ended up losing them or not liking the options available but now I used these containers to put the product in. They’re TSA approved so you can bring these in your carry on! I love using these for my purple shampoo to maintain my blonde hair while traveling as well as for my lotions, face wash etc.

travel on toiletry bottles


4. Safety locks for accommodation

If you are traveling as a solo woman and want a bit of extra security at your Airbnb or hotel you can use either a wedge under the door or a special lock for a bit of extra peace of mind.

security lock for hotel


5. Tripod with remote

Having a tripod is a lifesaver when you’re traveling alone and want to set up a shot or a nice photo especially since you won’t always have somebody to take your photo for you. A lot of tripods come with a remote Bluetooth clicker which is helpful for taking photos by yourself.

tripod with remote clicker for travel

6. Selfie stick!

If you’re not wanting to take super professional photos but just want some fun photos with your destination in the background than a selfie stick is for you!

selfie stick

7. Antitheft purse or backpack

With carrying a lot of my electronics around I always go for a cross-body bag or anti theft purse/backpack. I prefer these because they still work and it’s not as awkward as using the packs that go under your shirt (where you then have to always awkwardly lift up your shirt in public to pull out your cash or cards LOL) These deter pickpockets by having zippers that lock or anti-slash material and hidden pockets. The brand I’ve linked is AMAZING and comes in all different colors!


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