Flying A Stranger’s Plane over NIAGARA FALLS?

I sent a couch request to someone near Buffalo, New York while my friend and I were on a cross country road trip and we were in for a surprise.

The host my friend and I stayed with had his own private plane and offered us a ride on it over Niagara Falls on the Fourth of July. On top of that he also let me fly it briefly over the falls. How COOL IS THAT?! 

Five Perfect Ways to Explore the Niagara Region 

In addition to the plane ride we also got to join our host and his friend in a cookout for the holiday. (His friend was a 5 star chef and made the best ribs and duck I’d ever had) Reason # 28489000 I love Couchsurfing.

These are all experiences I would’ve never had without it and the awesome travel community. Check out my video below for the footage of our flight and the boat tour we did around the falls. 

Here are more plane photos because the view was amazing!

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