Here’s How to Stay Safe in Hotels and AirBnBs During COVID-19

I did three long road trips in 2020 (two were cross-country) and I am prepping for more this year. Here’s what I’ve been doing to stay safe when having to stay at hotels and AirBnbs during the pandemic. If possible, I tend to stay at hotels since they will have to adhere to a higher safety standard as a corporate entity versus an AirBnB being rented out.

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Read reviews before booking! I hit “most recent” on Yelp and TripAdvisor to see how people’s most recent stays have been and how the hotels are adhering to safety guidelines. 

If you can’t find any recent reviews call the hotel and ask what they’re doing to ensure safety. If it’s an AirBnb, message the host to ask for clarification on cleaning standards if it’s not written upfront on the rental property listing. 

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Wipe everything down once you get into your room. I also bring soap with me to the hotels since I prefer using hand soap over the bar soap they give you.

Certain hotels are also leaving rooms empty for 48 hours before booking them again. Be sure to read up how the hotels are cleaning and what they’re doing to stay safe. These will be on most of the major hotel chain websites.

Unless you’re in your room, wear your mask. I always wear mine in the lobby and hallways and all common areas and only take it off when in my room. I also avoid the elevators and opt to take the stairs if possible if I’m not on the ground floor. 

That’s it! Has anyone else stayed at a hotel recently? If so what are you doing to stay safe?

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