Agents of SHIELD - Self Control (4.15 Review)

By Lauren - February 22, 2017


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been nothing but quality this season, from introducing Ghost Rider to the show in the first half of season, to the intriguing and mind boggling storyline of the LMDs.

Self Control picked up where the previous week’s cliffhanger left. Fitz and Simmons had come back from a group assignment with everyone only to discover that during that mission, the rest of the team had been replaced by LMDs. The security footage shown when the two come to that discovery makes us think that Daisy, Coulson, Mack and Director Mace had all been swapped. We find out later that Daisy is still herself and it was actually Fitz that had been replaced instead.

One of my favorite things about this reveal was the emotional scene between Fitz and Simmons when the LMD detector goes off while they both walk into another room on the base. Fitz had led Simmons to believe that he was still himself until the computer went off, leading them both into a heated debate (and later an intense fight scene) to try and figure out who was the LMD. For me, it was also interesting to see Iain De Caestecker (Fitz), portray more of a darker side to his character as an LMD once the reveal is shown.

Another personal highlight from this episode was seeing the reunion between Daisy and Jemma. After what emotional and physical trauma Simmons had just gone through trying to escape from the Fitz LMD, Daisy enters the room where Jemma had been hiding and tries to talk her friend through the situation. Both Chloe Bennett (Daisy) and Elizabeth Henstridge (Simmons) really delivered a believable and heartfelt performance throughout this scene.

Interestingly enough, the show writers have also confirmed they’re bringing Brett Dalton (Ward) back this season. I’m excited to see how they will pull that off and what part the character will have to play, especially now that he’s presumed dead. I’m assuming the HYDRA symbol shown in the framework at the end of the episode may very well be connected.

Jed Whedon was brought in to direct this week’s episode and I have to say it may very well be my favorite episode that has been released since the show aired several years ago. The acting was emotionally intense, raw and believable, the stunts, CGI and fight scenes were well choreographed and the storyline was very well written and delivered across screen to viewers.

What did you all think of this week’s episode? Feel free to discuss below.

Mallory Jensen as Aida in Self Control

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday, April 4th on ABC

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