Agents of SHIELD - The Laws of Inferno Dynamics (4.08 - Winter Season Finale Review )

By Lauren - December 09, 2016


Episode eight picks up again with Eli Morrow and we are finally shown what he’s been up to. The crazed, mad scientist has created a dangerous weapon underneath the city of Los Angeles. We learn throughout the episode that the weapon sitting under the heart of the city is, to no surprise, extremely unstable. Also, the reason for that is because Morrow had been messing with almost every given element on the periodic table to gain control so that he can play god.

Mace reluctantly allows Coulson to compose a tactical team of inhumans to send in after Morrow to see what they’re all up against and how they can best confront the rising threat.

Yo-Yo, (Elena) Daisy and Robbie are chosen to be sent to investigate Morrow. After Yo-Yo temporarily withdraws due to a few minor injuries, Robbie goes in to confront his uncle. He wanders in but Reyes is assaulted both times he tries to attack, preventing the Ghost Rider from surfacing. Viewers are given a bit more information behind Morrow’s motives of why he chose to do what he did as Reyes gives up trying to attack, and calls his uncle out on the reasoning behind his betrayal.

The Laws of Inferno Dynamics wraps up with the team taking out Morrow, but losing Reyes (Ghost Rider) in the process, although Coulson hints that we haven’t seen the last of him when Daisy voices her concern. 

Chloe Bennet as Daisy "Quake" Johnson 

Coulson: I wouldn't count out the previous owner just yet.
Daisy: Do you think Robbie will make it back?
Coulson: The last Ghost Rider did.
Daisy: Wait a minute. Wait. What?
Coulson: Long story. Regardless, I don't think we've seen the last of Mr. Reyes.

This episode hinted at multiple Marvel extended universe references that I want to discuss briefly. First, in the dialogue mentioned above, Coulson is describing the previous Ghost Rider, which is most likely alluding to Johnny Blaze. There is also brief mention of “Ultron” when Aida is finally brought to Director Mace’s attention.

Speaking of Mace, the new director of SHIELD finally explains to the team his motives behind working suspiciously with one of the United States senators (who is publicly outspoken against SHIELD and the inhumans) when the they confront him about it. Viewers were aware the whole time since we were shown Senator Nadeer blackmailing Mace into helping her, in return promising she wouldn’t release the confidential footage to the press she had on hand.

Finally, I’m beginning to wonder if the writers are maybe going to tie in Blade (Eric Brooks) from the comic book universe. It was brought to my attention, once the Darkhold was confirmed in the first few episodes of season four, that the book actually is very heavily tied in with not only the vampire world in the comics, but also the Doctor Strange universe.

The very last few moments of this week’s episode really heightened those predictions after the way May was suspiciously shown, as well as the locations of her few minor injuries that Aida was attending to.

Overall, The Laws of Inferno Dynamics was able to tie up a few minor plot holes while also managing to still leave viewers in suspense until the series returns in January of next year. The acting was well done, the special effects did not disappoint during the episode and I really loved the small allusions to other parts of the Marvel Universe.

What did you all think? Any further predictions for where the writers could be steering the show this season?

Agents of SHIELD returns January 10th, 2017 on ABC. 

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