Agents of SHIELD - Deals With Our Devils (4.07 Review)

By Lauren - December 04, 2016


The series left off several weeks ago with Eli Morrow successfully navigating the horrors of the Darkhold and emerging as a new threat to SHIELD. The Good Samaritan left most show viewers satisfied as it finally spilled the details of Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider origin story on screen.

Deals With Our Devils picks up right where we were left hanging, confirming that Eli Morrow is indeed a dangerous threat to SHIELD as he kills four of their agents who threatened to stand in his way. Morrow easily makes his getaway, leaving SHIELD with the dilemma of how to carefully handle confronting him again.

Viewers were also previously left wondering with the question of what happened to Reyes, Coulson and Fitz as they were shown in the oncoming path of the damage that Morrow left behind from the particle generator. Remember Lucy Bauer? The same energy from the particle generator that placed her in that situation is what happened to Coulson, Fitz and Reyes. Only to make it interesting, the three of them are in a far worse situation than Bauer was. It makes sense, since the amount of energy given off was far more than what had taken place previously with Lucy and her whole team of scientists. Bauer and her coworkers were able to communicate with those around them. However, Coulson, Fitz and Reyes are left with the scary situation of not only being able to commutate to their fellow teammates but also are limited on how much time they have to fix the issue before essentially fading away into nothingness.

Robbie is shown becoming gradually sicker as their limited time progresses to which he soon explains to Coulson and Fitz, “We’re being dragged down. He doesn’t want to go. He won’t go,” subtly hinting at hell being the end result if they find no solution. The demon possessing Robbie soon jumps ship into Mack’s body which in turn causes his normal behavior to immediately shift into aggression. The entity takes control over Mack and Daisy, unaware of what’s happening, tries to stop him as he recklessly decides to pursue the trail that will lead him to Morrow. “Mack” swiftly makes it out of the base on his motorbike and Daisy is in close pursuit behind him in Robbie’s hell charger, leading into another epic car chase this season. While Reyes tags along unknowingly with Daisy, Fitz and Coulson are left trying to figure out a solution.

May presents Dr. Radcliffe with the Darkhold and tries to persuade him into using it to help Coulson and Fitz. Radcliffe hastily refuses, telling May that he can’t use the materials presented as the amount of knowledge contained within it would take years to comprehend. He then proceeds to warn her how dangerous it is when she tries to take the book back. Aida, Radcliffe’s artificial intelligence unit, steps into the conversation and offers her assistance with the matter. Radcliffe reluctantly agrees to allow her access to the book. This brings the thought to mind of could this decision potentially result in another “Ultron” type fiasco? An advanced computer system being handed dangerous information that Coulson warned against couldn’t end well, could it?

While Aida works diligently on the Darkhold’s solution to the Coulson/Fitz situation, Robbie negotiates a new deal with the Ghost Rider, in order to get the demon to return to him and withdraw from Mack.

I won’t fully spoil the ending of the episode, but I will say that both major plot lines discussed above were tied up reasonably within the remaining five minutes of screen time. 

Although I haven’t touched much on it, I do also want to mention that Simmons did make several small appearances this week. She had been assigned to work on studying an inhuman in terrigenesis. Although focus on this is minimal, it is important and I’m wondering who this inhuman could be and looking forward to seeing how the writers will tie that in later this season.

Even though there’s a lot going on in this episode, I felt it still flowed rather well. The plot transitions were placed together smoothly and I also really enjoyed the colored tint being used in the cinematography to help show the different dimensional perspectives covered.

Overall, it was a captivating episode and I certainly look forward to seeing where the writers will take this next week.

What did you guys think? Any opinions on this week's episode? 

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday, December 6th, on ABC

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