The Walking Dead - The Well ( 7.02 Review )

By Lauren - November 02, 2016

"Where there is life, there is hope." - King Ezekiel 

Khary Payton in 7.02, The Well

This review is spoiler free!

After a very brutal and emotional season premiere, Sunday's episode momentarily took us away from where 7.01 left off and followed Carol and Morgan as they discovered more about The Kingdom.

This episode seemed to move a bit slower than most I've seen, but perhaps it was because there was less violence and more character and plot development instead. The Well primarily focuses on the character, Ezekiel's introduction along with the group of humans he leads, called The Kingdom. In comparison to The Saviors, The Kingdom is the complete polar opposite, offering a place of hope and refuge. We even get a glimpse of how they try to settle disputes with peace, rather than violence. I especially enjoyed a lot of the allusions and metaphors to religion that this episode touched on subtly.

The Well was refreshing to watch, especially after the brilliant but grotesque season premiere that AMC had to offer. The writers certainly captured viewers' attention with that powerful punch last week and continued to keep us hooked throughout The Well. It certainly looks as if the season seven plot-line will be swinging more in the direction of the various post apocalyptic factions but we will have to stay tuned to find out just how exactly the show-runners will go about exploring and carrying out that concept further.

The Walking Dead returns this Sunday, November 6th @ 9:00pm on AMC 

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