Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - The Good Samaritan (4.06 Review)

By Lauren - November 05, 2016

Season four has introduced us so far to the character of Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes version) as well as bringing the Watchdogs back into the mix of the storyline to tie in more with the inhumans.


The Good Samaritan gives us a further look into Reyes' Ghost Rider origin story which was interesting to see in comparison to how the comics narrated it for us. In the original comic book series by Felipe Smith, Robbie lives with his younger brother, Gabe in the dangerous gang littered streets of East Los Angeles. Reyes is working as a mechanic and enters a street race, with the hopes that the prize money would benefit to help him and his brother move out of the dangerous living situation and start a new, better life only to be pursued and killed by a group of mercenaries who were after drugs in the trunk of the car. Soon after the attackers left the scene, the spirit of Eli Morrow, who had been possessing the dodge charger entered Reyes' body, making him the new Ghost Rider. 

Comic book cover art from the Ghost Rider 2.0 series

(See this link for further information)

The episode starts off with where 4.05, Lockup left off. Coulson and the team are trying to locate Eli Morrow and Lucy Bauer after they both took off with the knowledge of the Darkhold's location.

Daisy Johnson is sent to retrieve Robbie's younger brother, Gabe in order to keep the kid safe after his older brother got tied up in the mess between SHIELD and Bauer.

A few episodes ago, Robbie made Daisy promise to keep his secret in order to keep Gabe safe. Gabe explains to the two later in 4.06 and even to Daisy earlier on in the season that he knew his older sibling was hiding something but didn't quite explain his thoughts on his older brother's odd behavior. After Daisy brings him into SHIELD to keep him safe, he automatically assumes that Robbie was working with them the whole time which he figured would essentially explain the reasoning behind that behavior. Daisy tries to cover up for Robbie, to which he thanks her but tells her that Gabe has a right to know which leads the audience into the origin story.

"I hit the street and I died. And there’s nothing, it’s just darkness. Then I heard a voice. It was asking me if I wanted a second chance, did I want to punish those who hurt my brother, did I want to avenge my own death. I answered “Yes. More than anything, yes.” And I was alive again. You’re right, there was someone there who came to. But it wasn’t a good Samaritan. It was the Devil. And whatever was inside him, he passed it into me."

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe does match up fairly close with the writing of the original comics, there is the notable difference of how Elias Morrow fits into the story. In the show thus far, Morrow is alive and an important side character that is invaluable to both SHIELD and Bauer for the intel he possesses about the Darkhold, whereas in the comics, Morrow is the spirit of vengeance that possesses his nephew's body after the deadly roadside incident. After Tuesday's cliffhanger, I'm eager to see where the writers will take the TV adaptation of the character and how he's going to tie into the Darkhold storyline they've set up so far.

I want to give The Good Samaritan 4.5 out of 5 stars for an engaging plot line, good character development and set up and fantastic acting.

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Ghost Rider, returns this Tuesday, November 8th at 10/9 central on ABC. 

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